How much money can you make when you sell merchant services and credit card processing?

We often get asked by new independent sales reps how much they can make when they sell merchant services.  Below is a breakdown of how they can make over six figures in their first year.  While not everyone does – the top performers and best  If you work hard only 4 hours a day, calling on 20 businesses a day, you WILL bring on 1 new client every day. Over the month you will average 20 deals per month….

So – if you write 20 deals a month for a year you will earn the following:

Monthly bonus: $22,000 Quarterly bonuses: $3,600 Upfront account bonuses: $14,400 (assuming all are paid at our lowest bonus level!)

This equates to an annual salary of $40,000 – BEFORE your monthly residuals on all of these accounts!

Now lets factor in your monthly residuals. If you average $25-$50 per account – which is very possible – you will build your residual by $500-$1000 per month. At the end of 12 months this will mean a recurring residual stream of between $38,500 and $75,000!

Your total compensation for your FIRST year will be between $78,500 and $115,000!

Now imagine if you worked 8 hours a day and brought in twice this number of accounts….You CAN do this job part time and make a very nice living!

So – what are you waiting for??? Get started now! Learn More!


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