Why sell merchant services with Capital Bankcard?

We often get asked why someone would want to sell credit card processing.  The short answer:  its all about the potential income.

There are very few sales jobs left in this country that not only have an unlimited earning potential – BUT – will also build up a residual in the process.  When you sell cars, software, or real estate you are only as good as your last sale.  You coule have a huge commission month and make more sales than you have ever made before but at the beginning of the next month you have to start from scratch again.

Selling merchant card services does not have this “what have you done for me lately” problem.  Every time you sign on a new client to process credit cards with us you are building your book of business.  Not only wil you receive an upfront bonus for signing on the new client you will also receive a share of the residual profit FOREVER!  As long as the client is working with us for their merchant services you will make a split of the profit.  This can build up to a huge residual income over a few years.  So really you are not just getting a job where you sell merchant services  - you are starting a career and building your own business.

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