Square Payments iphone credit card processing puts consumers and business owners at risk

We get a lot of questions about  credit card processing through Iphones and Blackberries.  We do offer this service – but currently only with the option to key in the credit card number through a secure connection.  Multiple times a day we get requests for swipers that will plug directly into these devices.  More often than not we are being asked to sell a product similar to the  Square Payments credit card swiper.  Our fear has always been a lack of security involved with these types of  merchant card service transactions – and now it looks like we have been correct in not offering a product similar to Square’s.  Take a look at the link below  - From Verifone,  the largest credit card terminal manufacturer in the world, regarding security issues.

Square Payments security issues.

Are you sure you still want that cool new credit card skimmer – er – credit card swiper?

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