Gift Card Programs

Capital Bankcard creates, develops, administers, fulfills and provides marketing support for your personalized gift cards. Gift cards are activated within seconds of the purchase by swiping them through the terminal and adding the desired dollar amount. A customized receipt will be printed with the remaining balance at the time of purchase. When the card's balance runs low, customers can add money to the card, turning a one-time user into a lifelong customer.

Loyalty Card Programs

Whether you are implementing a new customer loyalty program or trying to make your existing program more successful, we can help.

We will work with you to create a system that is right for you and your customers. Let us assist you in all aspects of your reward program: design, implementation and follow through.

AUTOMATIC CASH REWARDS RIGHT TO THE CARD Use your cards to reward your customers. The system will automatically convert those points to a cash value set by you and print a unique and customized message on their receipt to notify them.

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  • Number of visits
  • Time elapsed since last visit
  • Dollars spent
  • Demographic data
  • Customer birthdays and anniversaries
  • INCREASE BUSINESS DURING OFF-PEAK PERIODS WITH EXTRA REWARD POINTS Offering your customers an extra incentive to come in during periods when business is normally slow enhances your ability to produce verifiable results. We give you the ability to define specific times of day and/or days of the week during which your customers can earn double points or more. You can also change promotional periods and extra point incentives as often as you like. You control all aspects of the program.